40+ Golden Boxes wording for Therapeutic Issues

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This document contains guidelines/pointers for use in step 6 (see page 56 of the manual) of the Golden Box construct taught in the Jeffrey Stephens’s 10 Step Protocol/workshop on this website.
This step 6 in the Golden Box, according to the manual, reads as follows:
6) Give the subC generalized, yet specific steps to take to move toward the new goal.
This is where this document come in. The easy wording, mostly non-specific-specific (as Jeffrey used to call it) is carefully created by experienced hypnotists as well as a medical Doctor, so you can easily inject these.


Bring these suggestions, along with your intent, with a clear, doubtless and strong voice for optimal results!


Categories covered in these 40+ issues: allergies, skinissues, fear/phobias and other psychological issues, metabolism issues, immune system issues.

P.s. Although we have put a lot of effort in creating this product, we emphasize that this is an early version. Therefor, if you happen to find any typos etc., please report them to us, so that future customers can enjoy these corrections. Thank you!